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Medical Waste-What is it?

Sharps removal service and Medical waste disposal with the least amount of interruption to your business. If you have been to a doctor’s office or hospital you have probably seen the red biohazard plastic containers and bags. These are used for the removal of sharps, needles, IV catheters and other waste that contains human blood or bodily fluids. These items constitute biohazard waste and can’t be thrown away in everyday trash because of the disease and viruses that are found in blood and bodily fluids which could cause outbreaks in the population if they are not disposed of properly.

Global Medwaste is proud to Serve You!

Global Med LLC is a dedicated Medical Waste Management company, based in the Midwest area. We provide services that reduce risk and protect the safety of healthcare facilities' staff members, patients and the environment, via medical waste disposal, sharps disposal and OSHA compliance training. Our team is experienced in nationwide medical waste services. We deliver friendly and efficient service with the least interruption to your business. Our goal is to provide superior service and competitive prices. Give us a call and discover the difference we make on every pickup.

We Pickup

Our regulated medical waste disposal program is offered throughout the Midwest and pickup schedules are flexible. We customize our services to accommodate your needs.

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